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Multi-User Business Websites

Maybe you're looking for a website that lets you manage a database of registered members and allows you to restrict access to sections of the site.

Then our multi-user business website is the solution you need.

  • It is ideal for larger businesses, organisations such as clubs, charities and associations and even secure document management projects
  • Designed to be a true multi-user content management system, offering features which are normally only available on web systems costing many times the price
  • A powerful multi-user content management system
  • Sophisticated document control ensures that there is no conflict between users and the flexible permissions system allows you to limit the tasks a user can perform. You, as the system manager, can add as many users as you need - there is no additional cost for each user
  • An Event Management facility which lets you create pages for any number of special Events.
  • A Financial Management facility to allow you to charge for membership of your website organisation and also lets you charge for attendance at events.
We can provide the functionality you need please contact us at or
telephone 0161 428 1102 to discuss your specific website requirements.

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