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About Us

WebGuild Media Ltd was established in 2002 so we have been around forever in web company terms and have customers from all different business sectors.

We have a great deal of expertise in the Publishing Industry and provide websites to several publishing companies and authors.

From feedback we have had from our customers, we have the skills required to create successful websites and provide friendly outstanding support. To quote one of our customers "You make me feel like I'm your only customer" - we try to make every customer feel valued, it is a simple a case of caring and doing the best you possibly can. You do not receive this quality of personal service from all web designers. See our testimonials.

The WebGuild Team consists of Directors and married couple Nigel and Angela Bent. We a­lso have 2 Non-Executive directors, Michael Schmidt OBE FRSL and Mike Somers. Michael is the Managing Editor of Carcanet Press and Professor of Poetry at Glasgow University. He has many years experience of running a successful publishing business. Mike is a Tax Inspector for HMRC and has experience of accountancy and compliance with tax regulations.­

Nigel Bent, Website Technical Director with his dog Stella Nigel Bent has a background in computer programming, and decided to ­develop an easy to use website system which would enable ordinary, non-technical people to build and maintain their own websites. ­

Nigel has previously worked for Ferranti Computer Systems, Westinghouse Systems and BT plc where he gained experience in systems analysis, programming and user interface design. He has had formal training in sales, contract and project management, computer-programming (real-time and batch) and general commercial and business skills.

Angela Bent, Director WebGuild Media Ltd Angela's background is in a commercial and sales environment, and understands what it takes to run a successful business. S­he also has experience in graphic design, document production and project management. ­ Angela provides assistance with the website content and works to ensure that your website is well structured and is found by the major search engines (ie Google etc).

Roughly translated, Nigel is the techie geek who develops and implements the website software, Angela is sales and marketing so our customers get the best of both worlds, Angela speaks plain English and Nigel speaks Technical as and when required (and when she lets him!).

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