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Dipping your toe into Google Adwords

Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014

Minuteman Press Stockport Minuteman Press Stockport supplies a wealth of skills to help increase the growth and effectiveness of your organisation. Here are some pointers to encourage you to started with Google Adwords. Many of us will have received email adverts from Google introducing you to the benefits of Adwords. Adwords is a highly effective advertising medium and has the amazing benefit of allowing you to set a budget to control your spending. If you think it isn't working you can immediately stop or change something.

Assuming you have your own web site then...

  1. Sign up for Adwords. (Type 'Adwords' into a search engine).

  2. Create a spreadsheet to design your project.
    Name your Campaign (Google-speak for the project). For example 'Print February 2014'.
    List 20 keywords (phrases) that are all quite similar, for example, 'Print in Stockport'; 'Printing in Stockport'; 'Colour Print Stockport'.

  3. Load your Adwords page and don't lose heart at the complexity of what you see. Spend some time trying to familiarise yourself with this 'Control Panel'.
    Add the Campaign name and any other details Google requires. (Such as your card details)

  4. Add the 'keyword' phrases you listed in the spreadsheet.
    Google will require you to set a budget for each phrase. In other words, how much it will cost you every time a user clicks on the advert you will design. Google will automatically warn you if they think it isn't enough money. (After all they want you to spend as much as possible). You will be required to set a daily budget; so, if you type £1, that might potentially cost you £30 over a month.

  5. Design your advert that will appear when people are browsing the internet; at this early stage it should be a text advert.
    Link the advert to your web page.
    Activate the Campaign and Google will check it to make sure it doesn't break any of their rules.
    If there is a problem phone them up on 0800 169 0409.
    You can limit the times and places where you advert appears on one of the endless tabs and drop down boxes available.

  6. Google will create a fantastic graph to show how many people clicked on your advert each day and visited your web page. 

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