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WebGuild Media has always worked with the publishing industry. The result of these years of work, is a specialist eCommerce for Publishers and Booksellers website solution. Our publisher and bookseller specific website solution provides book pages compatible with 10- and 13-digit ISBNs, dynamically updated author pages with additional biography, review, interview, quote and awards sections, featured books, authors and reviews on the home page along with two free-format documents to allow you to feature a 'Poem of the Day' or 'Short story of the Month'.

Our Website supports ONIX for Books

Our publisher and bookseller website solution now supports ONIX for books allowing you to send ONIX data streams to distributors and any organisation that is involved in selling your publications. Data streams can be set up to run on demand or automatically when any book data changes. This means that the chore of keeping the supply chain updated with book data is a thing of the past.

List your products any way you want

What makes this website solution different to our smaller systems, is the product database. This lets you create your book pages and split them into as many categories as you need. For each book you can enter a range of information: publication date, dimensions, imprint; as well as price for multiple regions. It will also automatically convert between 10-and 13-digit ISBN numbers and take care of territory issues for you.

You can then enter pictures and descriptions in the same way as you do on other pages. Again, the pages can be built in advance of their availability and an 'Availability Date' can be set to allow customers to pre-order. 'New Products' and 'Forthcoming Products' categories are automatically maintained for you so your site is always up to date.

Your authors can also have their own pages, with automatic links to and from the book pages. In addition, you can now add reviews, interviews, biographies, quotes, and awards to make your site rich and captivating and to bring your visitors back time and again to browse and to buy.

Give customers peace of mind with secure shopping

We provide the Merchant eCommerce module, which turns your book database into a full eCommerce website site complete with basket, secure credit-card payment facilities and order management system. With this, your customers can browse your site, select which products they wish to buy, and check-out their orders. In turn, you will receive a notification of their order, a secure link to access their payment details, and the ability to approve, deny, or postpone their orders, each stage automatically emailing your customers to keep them up to date with the processing of their order. And each sale is then added to the Sales database which gives you a record of how your site is faring, month after month. This is all managed using our secure server to give your customers peace of mind.

If you would prefer to use PayPal to process your payments, rather than (or as well as) your own merchant services, then this can be integrated too. We realise that every business's needs are different, so we have added extra features to the eCommerce website that you can choose to buy to enhance your site:

  • Extra Pages
As your website needs to grow, simply add extra information pages and menu groups as required.
  • Extra Book/Author Blocks
This provides an expansion of your database to allow you to sell more books, or feature more authors. It comes in blocks of 250 products.
  • Pre-build of additional pages
Although our website solutions are self-build, we can provide a website building service where we would construct your website with the information supplied to us in the form of word processor files and electronic images. This allows you to get on with running your business while we put the site together for you.

Need more information or you wish to purchase our publisher and bookseller specific website, please contact us at or telephone us on 0161 428 1102.

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